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Studio Legale Associato - Avvocati De Meo
Studio Legale Associato - Avvocati De Meo


The Law Office has always been active in the sector of criminal law, protecting the rights of people whether they have been victims of a crime or have suffered the consequences of criminal acts (with the request to proceed against the guilty parties and demand repayment of the damages), or whether they have been charged with committing crimes. In the same sector it also protects the rights of corporations and enterprises.

In addition to the common crimes detailed in the criminal code (crimes against the person, against sexual freedom, against property, against the public administration and justice, etc.), the firm has always focused in particular on the crimes detailed in special legislation, with particular attention to those that occur in the family, and in fiscal and corporate settings.

The client is also assisted in the delicate executive stage, if any, after the decision, as well in the stages preceding the appearance in court (search of evidence, assessment of documentation, drafting of warnings and documents filing charges or suits, search of possible pending criminal charges, etc.) In the performance of their activities, the lawyers travel all over the country and abroad.

The office is equipped with the latest information technology, interconnected and interfaced with the internet, adequately protected. For updates and the study of specific cases, the office has a vast library of law books, including the Treccani Law Encyclopedia, updated. It subscribes to the Official Gazette of the Italian Constitutional Court and also subscribes to a number of law magazines and reviews, also online; it also has access to a specific legal data bank on DVD.

The activity of the office can count on the special courtesy, professionalism and efficiency of its skilled secretarial staff.